In order to help you as soon as possible, we also offer services with Remote Access software. With this software, we can control your Computers from our Office. This can be done directly from Germany or from our offices in Ghana.

How it’s works

Remote maintenance is an advanced technology that allows our IT technicians to gain direct access to your computers from all different location. From his location he/she can securely connect to the remote computer with the help of a software. All you need is INTERNET CONNECTION. This software can be downloaded directly from our Website or can also be installed on your computers by our Technicians. The software will usually provide you dynamic IDs. By giving us this ID means your permission allowing us to connect to your computer. When problems are resolved on your computer, then the remote access will be disconnected.

Your Advantages:

  • Remote Access Service is safe and secure if it’s fully encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This includes all screen data, file transfers, keystrokes and chat messages. We will provide you with the highest encryption algorithm, similar to that used by banks and higher governmental institutions.
  • Remote Access maintenance saves time and money there is no need coming to us or wait for a technician to be at your end. Just DIAL and get CONNECTED.
  • Remote Access Service is very convenient and reliable. You can always reach us in advance at your own convenience.
  • Remote Access Service does not rely on location. You can be located in Aflao, Accra and Kumasi or anywhere in the World.